Foot Sockies 2pk and Hand Gloves 2pk - Limited time offer

$30.00 $45.50

Foot Sockies 2pack

Get your feet back to being beautiful! Our Smoothing Foot Treatment contains spearmint and tea tree oil to help soothe tired, achy feet. With these wearable slipper-like masks your feet will be left visibly smooth and youthful again!

  • Simply open up the sock like package and insert feet for a luxurious and aromatic foot experience, leave on at least 20 minutes for best results.

Hand Gloves 2pack

Restore dry, worn hands to their once smooth, soft, supple state with the rejuvenating properties of vitamin E. The healthy fats contained in cocoa help to repair skin and lock in moisture.

  • Wash hands with warm water.
  • Open packet and slip on gloves. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, then remove gloves.
  • No need to rinse hands after treatment.

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