40 Carrots - Carrot and Cucumber Eye Gel

$22.95 $26.95

This cooling eye gel with beta-hydramides instantly de-ages and wakes up tired-looking eyes. It uses Retinol-enriched carrot oil and cool cucumber to moisturise and de-puff eyes, diminishing crow’s feet and fine under-eye lines with continued use.

Betanol Radiance Complex
40 Carrots Retinol-Rich Skin Care contains a proprietary Betanol Radiance Complex. This unique Beta-Carotene, Retinol-rich complex utilizes the purest forms of Vitamin A, the proven ingredient dermatologists recommend most to de-age, brighten and even out skin tone, while smoothing fine lines. Our Vitamin A Retinol is gentler and less irritating than prescription form and our Beta-Carotene comes from natural, skin-loving carrots. Together they bring you the perfect fusion of nature and science.

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